Happy Thanksgiving

What are you doing this Thanksgiving?


The Halloween candy was hardly sorted before the retailers put the Christmas trees up, encouraging us all to shop, shop, shop. Even the humorous jabs via social media do not make them understand that many of us still appreciate the month of November and Thanksgiving.
This is one of my most favorite holidays because of what it represents. So in honor of Thanksgiving, I found a few good (and quick) to reads that will get us in the mindset of this holiday weekend that is all about family, fun, and tradition! Enjoy:
Like most, our Thanksgiving family tradition is to enjoy each other company. We will make time to listen and tell stories of days gone by and pass on traditions. Aside from savoring the turkey, I am planning on taking pause to savor the moments. I hope that you do too.


From my family to yours, I wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
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