Summer Camp Can Help Your Child Prepare for Adulthood

    How Can Summer Camp Can Help Your Child Prepare for Adulthood?     Here’s just a few ways that summer camp can help your child prepare for adulthood: Teamwork – Working in a team prepares a child for working in a team in a career. This helps take the attention away from “me, […]

Do your kids need a break from electronics?

Summer Camp Offers Kids the Opportunity to Get Away from Electronics According to recent studies, American youths currently spend over seven and a half hours a day on their smartphone, computer, television or other electronic devices! In this day and age, our society has become very technologically reliant. It has become near impossible to unplug from […]

What Should You Say to a Homesick Child?

6 Things To Say to a Homesick Camper In the first few days of summer camp, it’s very normal for some kids to experience feeling homesick. Some campers tend to experience homesickness a bit more than others. Staff is typically very experienced in redirecting campers’ feelings of homesickness to engaging activities, but sometimes you’ll need to speak to […]

It’s always a great time to make new friends!

Sleepaway Camps Offer Great Opportunities for New Friendships When children are at sleepaway camp their social attachments are largely based on proximity, not identity. Since identity in this particular scenario is more fluid, it allows children to make friends with nearly anyone around them. Kids at camp are not limited to home, community, or geography in their […]

Benefits of Sleepaway Camp During Early Childhood 🙇

Why Should Your Child Try a Sleepaway Camp During Early Childhood? The empowerment achieved by trying out a camp early on in childhood strengthens kids against future harmful societal pressures during preteen years. Here are just a few short reasons why your child should attend a sleepaway camp early on: Children can determine and flourish […]