Do your kids need a break from electronics?

Summer Camp Offers Kids the Opportunity to Get Away from Electronics

According to recent studies, American youths currently spend over seven and a half hours a day on their smartphone, computer, television or other electronic devices! In this day and age, our society has become very technologically reliant. It has become near impossible to unplug from our electronic devices during the school year.

Summer camp is the perfect time for kids to unplug from these devices!

Unplugging allows kids to truly embrace human connections.
Summer camp is an inherently social environment, but if kids are attached to their tech all day, there is no way they will be able to get to know and interact with their fellow campers and counselors. Giving up phones can be stressful at first, but being surrounded by kids of the same age and similar interests can help tremendously.

Kids can really flourish when they’re given the opportunity to unplug. With many fun activities substituting demanding school requirements, summer camp is the best place to let go of all tech devices!

Lisa Borg
The Camp Expert & Teen Summers

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