Summer Camp Perks

Call me a Summer Camp Enthusiast but every one can enjoy these summer camp perks.

As a summer camp enthusiast, I often talk about the benefits of sleep away camp. My team does a lot of research looking for and compiling new information, statistics, and feedback. I recently realized that there are a couple of summer camp perks that should get more attention and wanted to share them.

You can call them life lessons but your kids don’t even realize they are getting lessons in these areas:


At camp, kids from different backgrounds eat together, play together, and live together. Even if they have the same interest, everyone comes from a different background. What a unique opportunity to learn about different cultures and different perspectives! That is how we learn to listen and be open to new ideas.


I have a friend whose son is about to enter middle school. She is fairly frightened about it. She understands that he needs to grow up and gain different experiences. But this is his first venture into a bigger world and she is wondering how he will cope. The summer camp experience allows parents and kids to get some experience at a comfortable pace with different options for length of stay and types of camps.


Parents commonly express frustration trying to keep their kids busy and structured during the summer period. And summer learning loss can be a real problem. Of course, summer is a great time to relax and let loose a little but teenagers can take that a little too far. Losing motivation, staying up too late and sleeping in not unheard of and before you know it the summer is gone. Camp provides exposure to new things to get them excited. Even if your teen prefers to sleep in, there is a structured routine and extra push to learn skills that will last a lifetime.

Now you know the whys – next month, we will start talking about the how-tos, prepping for camp, travel tips, and ongoing communications…be sure to share this email with a friend and be on the lookout for my new blog.

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