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Consultations at no-cost to you

Find the best summer experience for children and teens!

    Your privacy is important to us.

    Your information will not be shared.

    Why should you book a free summer camp consultation with Lisa Borg?

    Save Time Researching

    There are thousands of summer camps all over the country and narrowing down the options can be a daunting task.

    Confidental and Unbiased

    Lisa works with parents in Broward and Palm Beach counties to help them make the best camp selection for their family.

    Free Consultations

    Lisa Borg is a camp consultant for Camp Experts & Teen Summers and based in South Florida, she provides consultations at no-cost to you.

    Over 15 years of experience

    You'll be able to get Lisa's knowledge and expertise from years of touring camps and dealing with hundreds of families each year

    Lisa Borg is a camp expert and Teen Summer consultant that works with South Florida Families to find the best summer experiences for children and teens

    Lisa Borg Camp Consultant

    Whether it’s a sleep away camp or teen program
    you are looking for, Lisa Borg can help.

    Extensive research and site tours were completed to ensure facts and information are updated.

    Conversations are confidential and recommendations are unbiased based on your needs and interests.

    Free advisory service dedicated to matching your family needs with the best camp and teen programs.


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    "Lisa was very easy to work with. I explained what my daughter was looking for and she came back with 8 camps that fit our criteria. Her camp recommendation was where my daughter ended up going...and my daughter absolutely loved the camp experience!"
    Joel W.
    Taina P.
    "Thank you for referring us to XXX- my kids had a wonderful time!
    I would never have found this camp without your help."
    Taina P.
    Molly P.
    "She had the best experience! We had only signed up for 3 weeks. She called us and begged to stay the whole time! Of course we let her. That showed what a great fit it was for her. Thank you for all your help!"
    Molly P.
    Molly P. - copy
    "Thanks for this recommendation! He had a blast!!"
    Jaimi F.