It feels like Summer already! ☀🌴

Get Started on Your Summer Camp Planning Now

While most of the country is sporting jackets and winter boots, South Florida is already getting a preview of summer! We can’t believe summer is 4 months away ☀ . Have you started planning your child’s summer yet?

When planning summer, especially for a summer camp, it’s best to get ahead of the game so you have enough time to prepare.

First, you need to consider your child’s interests. From art to theater to sports to computers to dance to gymnastics, there really is a camp for everyone. Ask your child, “What do you want to do this summer?” If your son or daughter loves horses and the outdoors, then spending 2 weeks in a computer camp may not be a good fit.

For further assistance in planning for camp, please contact Lisa Borg at Camp Experts to find the best suitable camp for your child this summer! 📞✉

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